Our Vision

We believe that in order to catalyse industry into reducing their waste CO2 emissions, then a profitable technological solution must be found. Nothing incentivizes industry more than profitability. It is our mission to build technology where waste CO2 can be converted directly to chemical products, which can then be sold or used to substitute fossil fuel substitutes. This is what our L.E.A.F.™ technology is all about.

Moving forward from this, it is our vision to have our L.E.A.F.™ electrolyzer technology at every production plant reducing CO2 emissions worldwide. It is our goal to be the number 1 provider of this technology and, through our patents, we are on the way to achieving this.

With our current set-up, in 2020 we will install a unit that will have the ability to convert 100 tons of CO2/year to syngas. The unique advantage of our stacked L.E.A.F.™ technology is that it is easily scalable. We will therefore seek to increase scale by an order of magnitude every year until we reach our target of 100,000 tons/year.

In parallel, we will expand on out initial research by finalizing technology that generates ethylene, and also methanol, acetone, and formic acid at large scales in 2022 and beyond. The technology to do this is already at hand. In order, to achieve this, we require investment to expand our team and build pilot facilities. Depending on the level of extra investment, we will be able to release a CO2 to syngas electrolyzer capable of generating 10,000 tons of CO2/year already in 2021. We are already in discussions with external partners about technology implementation and the set-up of an on-site syngas pilot plant.

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