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The annual report from the Global Carbon Project has shown that in 2018, total carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels and industry rose to 37.1 gigatonnes of CO2 and will increase still further in 2019. We cannot afford to ignore this issue, both for ourselves and our future generations.

We don't believe in burying waste CO2 for future generations to deal with. We focus on CO2 valorization, the conversion of waste carbon dioxide into valuable products, such as chemical feedstocks or fuels, which can then be sold and reduce the need for traditional fossil duel-derived processes.

Using carbon dioxide as a chemical feedstock instead of oil would reduce annual global greenhouse gas emissions by about 3.5 billion metric tonnes in 2030. It also incentivizes the chemical industry through the generation of additional revenue from a waste product while fulfilling environmental targets at the same time.

Technology Solution

We work with energy and chemical industry partners to tailor our world-leading L.E.A.F.™ CO2 cell technology to convert their waste CO2 at the source into new chemicals to generate more profit and reduce our carbon footprint.

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Our Vision

We aim to be the number 1 company in the world in providing electrochemical solutions for converting CO2 to chemicals as well as gas generation. Interested in finding out which direction we're going or inquiring about investing, then click here.

Our Team

ThalesNano Energy was created by chemists and engineers with decades of experience in the electrochemical, catalysis, fine chemical, computational, energy, polymer, and manufacturing industries. Find out what makes our team so special here.

Richard Jones
Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Dr. Csaba Janáky
Chief Scientific Officer and Founder

Ferenc Darvas PhD
President and Founder

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