The New H-Genie™

The Smart Hydrogen Generator

Say goodbye to cylinders and expand
your chemistry at the same time!

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  • Up to 100 bar H2 safely from water
  • Up to 1 NL/min gas flow-rate to quickly fill reactors
  • Monitors hydrogen uptake and logs exportable data.
  • Tells you when your reaction is finished
  • Works with batch and flow reactors
  • Extremely simple to use
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  • Flow chemistry
  • Discovery chemistry
  • Development
  • Whole Lab Safety

Discovery chemistry

The H-Genie’s 1 NL/min production capability means it can provide hydrogen gas to multiple reactors, even at the same time. Balloons, Batch, and/or Flow reactors, the H-Genie™ can handle them all. The H-Genie™ can be the single source of hydrogen for the whole lab.

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  • Hydrogen generated from water
  • Sensor for internal hydrogen leak detection
  • Internal pressure-test upon start up.
  • Strong flow of air inside the H-Genie™ using 3 fans.
  • Water leak detection.
  • Mechanical release valves
  • Water level sensors
  • Automated emergency stop
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Hydrogen Production Rate 0.1-1 NL/min
Output Pressure Range 1-100 bar
Purity ≥ 99.99% (4.0 @ 100 bar)
Water requirement Deionized water with recommended conductivity < 1µS/cm
Water consumption rate 200 mL/hr
Water reservoir capacity 3L
Recommended environment Ventilated laboratory fume hood
Power requirements Mains: 100V to 240V AC, 47-63Hz
Power consumption max. 1500 VA
Unit dimensions (H × W × D) 345 mm × 365 mm × 460 mm
Unit weight 38 kg
Outlet parameter Swagelok O.D.: 1/8″
Operating and storage/transport environment 10–35°C; < 80% RH
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ThalesNano Energy Inc. 1031 Budapest
Graphisoft Park, Building "D", Záhony utca 7. Hungary

Our Mission

To improve safety in the laboratory and expand chemistry capabilities at the same time. We aim to replace all hazardous gas cylinders with safer high pressure gas generators using water as the gas source. Safer higher gas pressures speed up reactions, allow more difficult chemistries, or allow more gas chromatographs to be run from one system. Hydrogen is only the first. Watch this space for more generators in the near future.

Our heritage

ThalesNano Energy is a sister company of ThalesNano. With over 1000 sold flow chemistry reactors on 6 continents, the widest chemical space available on the market, over 50 patents and 500 publications, numerous R&D awards, ThalesNano is the true market leader in a competitive continuous flow chemistry field. ThalesNano Energy follows in ThalesNano's footsteps by creating a successful business through solution focused scientific innovation.

Ferenc Darvas PhD,
President and Founder

The single living person in Hungary awarded as a Fellow of the American Chemical Society, serial innovator and entrepreneur with multidisciplinary technical background and decades long business experience. Holder of many awards including the Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic. Dr. Darvas received his first degree in organic chemistry and two other degrees in computer science and patent law. His PhD. was dealing with the use of artificial intelligence in drug discovery in 1986. Dr. Darvas pioneered in adapting microfluidics and flow technologies for producing nanoparticles in the early 2000’s. He is author of over 200 publications, editor or co-editor of several books, and inventor of over 100 patents. Dr. Darvas is also the founder of the Space Chemistry Consortium and co-founder of the Flow Chemistry Society, where he is the Chairman.

Richard Jones
Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Richard is the CEO and co-founder of ThalesNano Energy Inc, as well as the CEO of InnoStudio, a scientific incubator company. Before this, Richard was CEO of ThalesNano where he completely overhauled the product line, doubling the number of new instruments and greatly extending the number of countries ThalesNano sells into.

He joined ThalesNano in 2004 where he started as Chief Research Chemist, helping to develop the chemistry on the H-Cube® and other flow reactors. He then went on to become Product Manager of the R&D 100 Award winning H-Cube® before becoming Director of Product Management.

Prior to ThalesNano, Richard was at Biofocus Discovery and worked on the synthesis of several Kinase and GPCR inhibitor based compound libraries. Richard studied chemistry at the University of Bristol where he graduated with honors in 1999. He has over 20 scientific papers, books, and patents specializing in flow chemistry to his name.

Dr. Csaba Janáky
Chief Scientific Advisor

Dr. Csaba Janáky is an Associate Professor at Department of Physical Chemistry and Materials Science, University of Szeged, Hungary. He is the principal investigator of the MTA-SZTE „Momentum” Photoelectrochemistry Research Group, supported by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the European Research Council (ERC-Starting Grant). Csaba is also responsible for Green Economy and Climate Policy at the university. He is an emerging expert of materials science oriented electrochemistry and photoelectrochemistry. He has developed new electrode materials for energy applications, such as CO2 reduction, water oxidation, O2- reduction, and H2 evolution. He has published over 75 articles in peer-reviewed journals including four review-, two perspective, and one viewpoint article, with an overall impact factor of 430. He is member of the Editorial Advisory Board of ACS Energy Letters (a premier scientific journal of energy research), and the Young Academy of Europe.

Antal Danyi
Development Director

Antal joined ThalesNano in 2017 to lead the newly formed development team of the Energy Division at the Szeged site. Prior to ThalesNano, Antal led the Technical Department at ContiTech where the full responsibility for tailor made products was on his shoulders. Antal was employed in different product R&D positions immediately after finishing his MSC degree of Mechanical Engineering at the faculty of Fluid Dynamics and Applied Mechanics at Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

How to use videos

Watch our "How to" videos and see for yourself how easy it is to install and operate the H-Genie™ Hydrogen Generator. Use the arrows on the left and right to switch between the videos.

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